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The Praxis of Social Inequality in Media: A Global Perspective provides a global analysis of the intersection of social inequalities, media, and communication. This volume contains chapters by an international array of scholars and provides case studies from various countries with critical empirical analysis of social inequalities and how they shape media narratives and experiences.

The topics examined here include poverty in the media in Britain and Turkey, technology and inequality in Italy and Bangladesh, gender, inequality, and empowerment in India, Mexico, and Australia, and cross national analysis of rape culture, among others.

Edited by Jan Servaes and Toks Oyedemi -

Contributions by Stephanie Agrestie; Roberta Bracciale; Francisco Sierra Caballero; Martin Caraher; Mike Gasher; James Gibbons; Tommaso Gravante; Steven Harkins; Gyuri Kepes; Archna Kumar; Lauren Longo; Jairo Lugo-Ocando; Isabella Mingo; Aparna Moitra; Greg M. Nielsen; Louise North; Lucy Obozintsev; Toks Oyedemi; Fay Patel; John Pollock; Alice Poma; Hannah Salamone; Jan Servaes; Kaan Taşbaşı; Amanda Weightman and Rebecca Wells.

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